Karen & Shanny Photoshoot

Sony Strobist Night




Travel & Street Photography Workshop

Last sunday, I attended the Introduction to Travel and Street Photography by Sze Too with bunch of other Alpharians. The talk starts at 2pm and ended around 3.30pm. After that, we decided to put what we learn into pratice by having street photography around KLCC.

DSC02971 copy

Along the way, we bumped into this Nissan Skyline R35.
DSC02979 copy

DSC02981 copy

And this no smoking sign.
DSC02985 copy

DSC02990 copy

DSC02993 copy

DSC02995 copy

DSC03001 copy

DSC03011 copy

DSC03015 copy

DSC03016 copy

One thing I learned from Szeetoo's talk, Never forget to take self-portrait :)
DSC03022lomo copy

Sony Alpha Pro Shop

What: Launching of 1st Sony Alpha Pro Shop
When: 12pm, 16th January 2010
Where: Studio Zaloon, Pudu Plaza

DSC02179 copy

DSC02181 copy
The budget Full Frame, a850

DSC02194 copy

Beside the opening of Alpha Pro shop, there are photograhy competition and lucky draw as well. After having lunch, we set out to Times Square for the photograhy competition.

DSC02199 copy

DSC02195 copy

DSC02207 copy

DSC02208 copy

DSC02261 copy
Traffic jam at the Pudu jail

Tilt Shift

tilt shift

Photoshop was use to create the effect(had no money to buy the actual tilt shift lens!)

For bigger image, http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4063/4270834843_1c0a4d9dc9_b.jpg